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E & D Recruiters is committed to ensure that every candidate delivers on the promise of professionalism and quality and to help our clients, increase their productivity in their organization.


Our clients are specialists in their fields and offer unique career opportunities. Therefore, E & D Recruiters are committed to render a Professional Recruitment Service to assist our clients in finding the person with the correct technical and personal expertise. We build strategic partnerships with our clients in order to accurately gauge not only immediate critical projects but also long term and future opportunities and positions by utilising our own specialist knowledge and ability to access high skilled and sought-after candidates.


We want our applicants to grow as individuals and make calculated decisions in their professional career when placed in a future role, and for this reason, we take a more consultative approach as we are personally involved in the consultation process, to enable us to find the correct candidates required for the unique career opportunities.


Focused Recruitment Areas:


  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing):

            System Manufacturing, from design to production phase.

  • EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management):

            Projects in the following spheres: Energy, Infrastructure,

            Petrochemical, Mining and Natural Resources

  • Military Environment

            Aeronautical, Land Mobility, Radar, RF, Explosives

            and R&D related to the military field

  • Research and development

            Software Engineering and Computer Engineering

  • Consulting
    1. Commercial and Industrial Engineering
    2. Various projects including:

                        Building services

                        Retail Sector

                        Health Care

                        Civil Infrastructure

                        Energy (renewable energy & energy efficiency)



                        Natural Resources


                        Facility Management



Our vision is to build stronger, lasting relationships with our clients and applicants, and developing a deep understanding of the business needs (client) and the professional position available, through the means of:


  • Partnering with clients to understand individual corporate cultures as well as human capital needs within the specific engineering infrastructure.
  • Prospective candidates undergo specific screening processes, tested interview process, thorough background and reference checking, monitoring, and proper skill assessment
  • Follow up, and follow through all roles we actively assist with


With our Vision we strive to successfully build a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and professional positions available.



Our mission is to connect the correct candidate to fill the professional industry for leading employers.

By partnering with us, we ensure that your company attains growth, achievement and reward by employing our sought-after candidates that match the vision and culture of the company.


E&D Recruiters is a level four (4) contributor, and has 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition.



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