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E&D Recruiters specialize in the Engineering and Design Field and we specifically recruit within the Engineering discipline, hence the acronym in our name; E- Engineering and D- Design.


E&D Recruiters aim to be the bridge in finding the best applicant to fill the role in positions for leading employers and strive to help our applicants to grow as individuals and make calculated decisions into their next professional role.  Thus, building a stronger and lasting relationship with both our applicants and clients.  For this reason, we take a more consultative approach as we are personally involved in the consultation process, to enable us to find the correct candidates required for the unique career opportunities.


E&D Recruiters is committed to ensure that every candidate delivers on the promise of professionalism and quality and to help our clients, increase their productivity in their organization.


E&D Recruiters take pride in protecting client and applicant confidentiality, through the means of thorough screening of all applicants (background and reference checking), as well as following up and following through on all roles we are actively assisting with.


Therefore, E&D Recruiters are committed to render a Professional Recruitment Service to assist our clients in finding the person with the correct technical and personal expertise. By partnering with us we will ensure that the company attains growth, achievement and reward by employing our candidates that match the vision and culture of the company.


E&D Recruiters has a Level 4 BEE Rating, with a 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition. We support similar as well as BEE organisations, as far as possible with our focus on Quality Service Delivery.



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